A revolutionary concept integrating world-class facilities and technology in the mexican entertainment industry.

The concept of SHOWCENTER COMPLEX emerged through the opportunity to bring top tier entertainment to the demanding, fast-paced market in San Pedro Garza Garcia.

Its privileged location at the most important commerce and entertainment destination in Monterrey, is one of the many attributes the SHOWCENTER COMPLEX holds. This location allows immediate access to multiple avenues, hotels, shopping mall and hospitals. A robust infrastructure of 5,400 parking spaces and 75,000 square feet area is ready for your events.

Fitting up to 6,000 people in different settings, from rock concerts to Broadway-style shows, symphonies, expos, fashion shows and corporate events. These adaptations can be made in a matter of minutes with the electronic deployment of seats and the modification of folding walls.



The SHOWCENTER COMPLEX allows you to feel the music with every fiber of your body. It is the perfect place to welcome fans to a massive, yet intimate event, where rock, pop and cumbias will live in an unforgettable night.

SHOWCENTER COMPLEX is highly versatile, with a retractable and configurable tier system, which allows the creation of different spaces where guests can stand, sit or any combination required. In addition, we have extensive technical resources of audio and lighting.

fans dancing
to the beat of the music

If you are looking for a place where inspiration strikes, motivation flows, laughs are shared and the occasional tear is shed, SHOWCENTER COMPLEX is the perfect place. In addition to the auditorium, where all your guests are able listen with comfort, we have a great lobby designed to inspire networking between conferences.

In addition, you will find two hotels and 20 restaurants within the same shopping center, which makes SHOWCENTER COMPLEX an exceptional offer of knowledge, entertainment and commerce.

passionate listeners

A MEETING point made to unite common interests. SHOWCENTER COMPLEX has flexible configurations that allow different, simultaneous areas for conferences, demonstrations, exhibitions, stands and networking.

Due to its strategic location within the metropolitan area it is the ideal setting for high profile exhibition such as fashion, weddings, technology, robotics, automobiles and premium products, among others.

visitors exploring top-of-the-line
technology, fashion, industry, and automobiles

A CORPORATE EVENT is always linked to an important moment in a company’s life. SHOWCENTER COMPLEX is ready to create the ideal atmosphere where partners and guests can celebrate. In addition, we have flexible spaces, adaptable to any specific need.

Its privileged location, with hotel and restaurant facilities show a great opportunity to promote collaboration, integration, and communication.

employees and clients
living an unforgettable experience

THE IDEAL SETTING for high-end events, from an opera concert to a symphony orchestra. The events held at SHOWCENTER COMPLEX live up to all of your guests. The latest technology in acoustics and sound equipment and comfort of over 2,400 seats, will allow guests to fully immerse in the music, and following the event, to share an experience in any of the 20 gourmet restaurants within the premises.

souls vibrating
with winds and strings

Strategically placed in one of the most privileged areas in the country, SHOWCENTER COMPLEX is the ideal place to express the art of haute couture. Located just a few steps away from Fashion Drive, you will breathe fashion and style even before the show begins.

The SHOWCENTER COMPLEX spaces are highly configurable and with professional assembly. The venue has dressing rooms and first class catering, which makes us the best choice venue for international catwalks in the city.

connosieurs watching the muses
parade with style and glamour

THE HAPPPIEST day of your life can be enjoyed in an exclusive atmosphere, with spectacular decoration and the best sound systems for all your guests to have fun and dance until dawn. In addition, thanks to the SHOWCENTER COMPLEX partnership with the prestigious Grupo Pangea, guests will be able to enjoy gourmet five course meal, satisfaction guaranteed.

guests sharing
the bride and groom’s happiest moment

A MAGICAL PLACE where you can take your viewers on a journey through time and space. The technical capabilities of SHOWCENTER COMPLEX will allow you to create an environment where each seat will be transported to the African plains or make you feel part of the French revolution.

This space is designed to meet the highest standards required by international theatre companies. The technological features of the SHOWCENTER COMPLEX stage box are unique to this city.

astounded spectators by
music, acting and stage design

Strategic Relations
For nearly a decade, Del King Entertainment has been a company with great experience in organizing world-class events.

With a visionary and holistic vision, it arrives fulfill a need for first-class events in San Pedro, Garza Garcia, the municipality with the highest purchasing power in Latin America. This mission manifests itself in SHOWCENTER COMPLEX, the most modern and sophisticated event center in the country, with a large capacity of transforming its configuration for each specific event, such as massive concerts, grand luxury galas, Broadway-style plays and exclusive corporate and social events.

In the same way, Del King offers a comprehensive entertainment experience, which includes the management of SHOWCENTER COMPLEX, distribution of tickets, event promotion and a gourmet catering proposal, in its alliance with Grupo Pangea.

Del King has been GIM’s answer to the evolving needs of a very demanding society that seeks to live bigger and better experiences each time. Thus we crystallize the vision that we have had for over 20 years, which is to revolutionize the way people live and coexist.